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Many customers want to buy a truck, but they are not very clear about the specific configuration requirements of the avtomobil. How to buy a suitable truck according to your own freight characteristics?

Shopping Points

1. Mühərrik

 As the heart of heavy trucks, the engine is the preferred factor. For long-distance flat roads, don’t choose one with high fuel consumption, 460 or 480 horsepower is enough; if you run mountain roads or carry heavy loads, choose 540-560 horsepower, which has fast climbing, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

2. Sürət qutusu

 As a part of power transmission and conversion, the gearbox also plays a huge role. In heavy truck models, there are generally 12-speed and 16-speed gearboxes to choose from. Generally speaking, the more gears there are in the gearbox, the better the adaptability of the vehicle to working conditions, the better the ride comfort of the vehicle, and the higher the operating efficiency. Therefore, for long-distance and efficient transport vehicles, it is better to choose a 16-speed gearbox.

3. Chassis structure

 The chassis is one of the important assemblies of a truck. It is responsible for elastically connecting the body to the axle (or wheel), transferring all forces and moments between the two, and cushioning the impact of the truck on potholes. The ride comfort of the car.

 Ordinary leaf spring suspension and drum brakes are also standard on general wagons. However, it is recommended that customers who often drive on mountain roads should choose higher-end air suspension, hydraulic retarder and full disc brakes, which not only bring more stability. It can also automatically adjust the height of the frame according to the height of the trailer and the quality of the equipment to reduce wind resistance. At the same time, it will not slow down on bumpy roads and reduce fuel consumption caused by acceleration.

4. Kabin

 For drivers, driving for a long time can be said to be normal, and a comfortable driving experience can effectively reduce fatigue and improve driving safety. Naturally, a spacious activity space and a spacious sleeper are indispensable.

5. Arxa ox

 The choice of the rear axle is relatively simple, mainly in terms of speed ratio. Generally, the method of high-speed small speed ratio and mountain road large speed ratio is adopted. If more than 30% of the routes you drive are in mountainous or hilly areas, then the speed ratio of the rear axle of the vehicle would rather be larger.

6. Digər

 In addition to the above aspects, there are brand after-sales services and the convenience of purchasing accessories. Therefore, choose a well-known big brand with good sales, which is convenient for later maintenance and normal use.

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